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I am a Filipino-Scottish author living in Scotland, United Kingdom.  My works, at this time, focus mainly on the Philippines in the eyes of a Filipino living outside her homeland for over twenty years. Having hit my golden years just over a year ago, I have noticed that my perspectives in life have become more serious, especially in the area I am most passionate about, the Philippines and this includes my political views.  I intend to write about these.


Like millions of Filipinos who found themselves living and working outside their beloved country, for varied reasons,  I have experienced a much better standard of living that is available in the progressive country that I currently live in.  And again, like many fellow ex-pats, my fervent wish is that all Filipinos will experience a similar better standard of living in the Philippines.


Of course, given that living in a country with distinct cultural ways to where you come from brings various challenges itself, the benefits usually outweigh the disadvantages. 


For non-Filipinos who come across my website, I hope that you will get a balanced insight into my birth country and its people, some may probably in contrast to what you've already learned from the mainstream and international media.  For my fellow Filipinos, I hope that each one of us, in our little ways, will do whatever we can, to help elevate our beloved country, so all its people will have a better standard of living.


NOTE: This website was started as a Blog site for Life Beyond Fifty with Emikat Jun when it was created in 2020, but I have now decided to make it a full website to incorporate my work as an author and to share my thoughts and ideas in My Pen's Corner.  Some of my old blogs are copied in the ARCHIVE section for those who may want to read them.

Above the Clouds


"Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Loved the characters and would certainly be interested in reading more…"


Ks & Rm Barclay

"Very good and interesting book, an eye opener about what happens in the authors home country"



"The characters are described well and you can imagine the story unfolding in your mind as if it was a film…"



"Interesting, enjoyable read. A unique insight into the Philippines through a dramatic plot"

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