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The Blog

In a gist, the blog is all about the things I want to do and can do as I AGE - gracefully I hope!!! 


It will be centred on some of my everyday activities as I incorporate them into my daily working (or non-working) life.  These will include:


  • Travels - walks, trips, holidays within the UK and outside of UK

  • Home chores and activities - gardening, cleaning, DIYs

  • Hobbies and Other Interests - writing, crafts, movies, restaurants, etc 


The aims of this blog are:


  • To document parts of my everyday living to see the 'can do’s and cannot do’s' especially in the physical aspect of my life, as I journey towards my second half-century here on earth. 

  • To give some awareness, if not wee LAUGHS, for those who are approaching or have way-passed this stage of their lives, or give an insight to those who like me when I was in my early twenties have no clue how a fifty-something may feel, and for those who are just curious about life. 

  • The aim is to HELP others by giving some TIPS and HINTS as to how life can be fully enjoyed, and goals achieved in the areas mentioned, for MINIMUM or LESS expense.


Oftentimes, I hear and read about some people comment on becoming fifty as if they are ashamed or frightened of it.  Oh no no!  Remember not everyone gets to reach this stage in their lives... so no matter the circumstances are, let’s embrace and celebrate it.

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