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Hi, my name is Emikat Jun, short cut for my first-names by birth, of Emilia Kathleen June.  I was born in the Philippines in 1970, and fate brought me to the UK in 1995, at the age of twenty-five.  I have lived here ever since with the first five years in London and the rest in bonnie Scotland.

​When I was in my early twenties, I remember thinking that it's A G E S yet to go before I become F-I-F-T-Y years old - as if it was never to come!

At the time, my parents were in their early fifties, and in my naivety, I thought they were OLD; therefore, they felt old. 

Now, here I am approaching this decade of my life, and I don't feel that 'I am old,' NOT a touch!! My body may ache more often, but my feeling towards life is just the same as thirty years ago. 

So how WRONG was I back then in my younger years!

I have had a fair share of colourful life in my first half-century years.  I left my birth country and a big family (being the sixth of eleven siblings!) with all the associated problems related to living in a new country. My first marriage broke down. I experienced grief on the death of loved ones. I had some health issues since I turned forty. I had a few personal and family matters, and so on. 

However, I have many joyful events in life too. I met and got remarried to my soul-mate. I studied some courses related to my interests. I travelled and discovered the beauty of many different places. Most of all, I have had the privilege of becoming a mother to the most wonderful blessing in my life – my son, who was born in 1997.


I am excited and I look forward to my next half-century journey here on earth wherever it takes me and I would like to share it with you.

WELCOME to my Life Beyond Fifty world! 

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Offering an insight into life after someone turns to the second half-century of their life, and it aims to reach out to people of all ages.

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