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Life in Poetry

Below is a collection of my poetry and monologues

A Living Tree
(‘If only I can speak…’)

Time calls urgently for mankind to grow,

  As too many uncaring men must know-

  If progress and peace is to be achieved,

  Adaptability to change they need.


Root falls on a massive raven’s redhead.

  Mighty is the fight that needs to be gained;

  What repentant conscience has got to tell

  A heart sobbing and bleeding from down dell?


Eat, drink, rejoice, and celebrate today,

  For tomorrow, gather no waste but grace;

  Soil, seed, green leaves, enhancing every day,

  Toil, trim, trunks, timber, together replace.


Enjoy nature’s pride – for floods no longer

  To gamble one’s precious life in danger.



A Living Tree

Wake Up Call

I was born in a nipa hut,

A small wooden cosy abode,

Walls made of well-patched bamboo stems, 

Roofs made of long dried grassy strands.


Wheeh…wheeh…I felt my mother pushed 

Me out to my new world I rushed.

Clad in her embrace to protect, 

Like living things, endangered most.


Early years, the woods my playground

With nature’s image all around.


School started.  I walked, hopped, jumped, ran

And passed the forest to greet friends.

I pointed, counted, endless trees

Such pleasure of fresh air I won.


Gain knowledge, I was encouraged;

A city’s allure had me changed. 


Engineer, success I became,

Timber company, I worked for.

Across the globe, I most travelled

Monies earned I squandered.


I faltered; I altered my goals 

And chose satisfactory roles.


To my dear village, I went back.

Too late, nothing left but buried;

Swept by mudslides, entombed in rocks!


Wake Up Call

The Voice

I hear that voice again, calling my name

in such…a familiar but strange voice

But I am dead...I’m supposed to be dead! 

Why am I hearing things?  

I should just be…feeling them

Well, I suppose I am not that DEAD…

Ah….there must be a REASON!


I remember my father used to tell me:

‘My dear Almina – you must always 

remember to treat other people the

way you want to be treated.’

I never quite understood at the time

what he really meant by that.

But somehow, I could sense that 

those words were of utmost importance.


Yes – my father, my dear dear father

He was not just the best lawyer in the city

with many citation awards and

won various high-profile cases,

He was also the most loving and gentle 

person you could ever meet.  

My mother, my brother and I totally adored him!


I always looked forward to Wednesdays

as he normally came home early from work

and prepared dinner for all of us. 

We would then all watch a movie, play chess

or a game of scrabble….(and I remember

insisting on the word ‘mudy’ m-u-d-y

one time where he summoned

 me to check the dictionary).


He was also very talented in literary 

and musical activities.

One night, he started to train and coach

me for a piece of Declamation that

I was to represent my school for

in the District’s Literary Competition.

The piece I was to declaim 

was a poem by Walt Whitman

called ‘O Captain, My Captain!’


Well, I never had the chance to compete.

For the following night,

the tragedy of my life started.

Where everything and everybody

I loved and cared for

vanished like a thin air!

When my life on earth 

would never ever be the same again…


It was around 10pm

I was sitting on my bed 

memorising my ‘piece’

When suddenly I heard

a sudden ‘bang’ downstairs

Then a rush of footsteps

and doors banging here and there.

I sat still as I tried to make out

what was going on.

I knew my mother and father 

would be in bed by now

And my brother would be fast asleep!


I turned off my bedside lamp.

I could hear heavy footsteps

coming up the stairs, and then…


The shooting was deafening…

I jumped off my bed

and crawled under it.

I was shaking, I couldn’t cry

with shock, I wanted to 

call my mum and dad

But no words would come out!


I heard my door kicked wide open

and heard husky whispers

and a torch lit round my bedroom

I could see two heavy-booted pairs of feet

making giant steps round my room.

Then I heard a very husky voice

said: ‘…empty!’

My door closed behind them

I started to sob…

I heard another deafening shot…



I woke up with uniformed 

policemen around me,

there were lots of commotions everywhere.

and I could barely make out 

the word ‘…hospital…’


The Voice


Sometimes people find it hard 

to realise, RESPECT is EARNED

Not granted nor demanded

Nor inherited.


Age - being older or younger

Does not guarantee respect

It's the way you live your life

That oftentimes gains you respect.


What is respect

When it is based on

Pretentions and deceit?


People change as time goes on

Life teaches them 

To speak opinions of their own

Nothing more but with good intentions.


Is it not true that

Sometimes this is hard to accept

By the people they used

To know and respect?


Culture can affect what 

Respect can take

But it cannot dictate

Whom to respect.



We are all equal in God’s eyes
(We all die and become Dust...)

We are all equal in God's eyes no matter

what race, creed and gender we belong to

We all have purposes here on earth,

Wherever and whenever we are

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


We are all destined where we are 

Right at this moment

And we assert our lives just as anyone else

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


We are all equal in God's eyes.

No matter where we come from

Africa, Asia, Europe

Middle East or America

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


We are all equal in God's eyes even

Thai brides who are frowned upon 

and looked down

By most people who do not comprehend

Meaning of life does not tend

to be judged at one's end.

They live and have feelings just as anyone

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


God is the only judge 

Of who is good or bad

Here on earth we have no right

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


Who are we to judge 

What's worthy and for whom?

Life on earth is but a temporary one

In the end, we all die and become Dust.


We are all equal in God’s eyes

My Son is Fifteen

I woke up this morning

Realised my son just turned fifteen

Where did the years go?


I vividly remember the day

he was born

a pinky wrinkly little being 

he was wrapped in his 

cozy little blanket

Oh how I adored him!


The endless firsts of his life...

His first squeaky cry

When he first opened his eyes

His first giggles and smiles

and his first mumbles 

of ma and da

His favourite word No! for everything

as he shook his little head

His first little steps...

Oh so so many of his firsts

I most cherish! 


Almost all of a sudden

he's fifteen...

In between a boy and a man

it must be confusing,

Wouldn't it be nice

to remain being a child?

Oh no, he's a person of his own

Like a tree shooting up to the sky.


Not cool to be seen

with his mother anymore

Oh how I miss those years he was

a happy tug-along

to everywhere I couldn't go on my own!


At home, he'd rather spend time

in his own bedroom

chatting with his pals on the mobile phone

sending messages on msn

Facebook and Xbox games

he couldn't do without

Technology, now his best friend

and tug-along!


But no matter how big changes 

he had become

I still love him with 

utmost profound

In my life, he is the most beautiful 

thing that ever happened...


My son is now fifteen!


My Son is Fifteen

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Today, you would've been seventy-six

But it's never meant to be

For in his most mysterious ways

God had wonderful plans for thee.


He took you from us

to become our faithful guide

whose words could not be heard

Yet never fail to listen and help.


The times we spent with you 

would never be surpassed 

You made us realise

Life was worth a fight.


Yes, life was hard and never perfect

Mistakes done yet lessons learnt

Times of pain and hurt occurred

But meaning of love never failed.


Above all, you always had the knack

to challenge us quite right

Aim high, dream wild 

And never regret.


Thank you my dearest Dad.


Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

A Mother Most Revered

You are one in a million

No doubt about that

You are the epitome

Of a real woman -

A friend, a sister, a wife

Above all, a MOTHER.


You have given up a lot

For your self

To be the best mother

To your dozen children

Anyone who dares dispute

Have no regard of their own.


Our family may be far from perfect 

What with constant material needs and that

But you provided us with the best you can

For what we needed to start our own.


Yes, it was tough

Who said it was ever easy

You worked hard 

Yet it never seemed enough

But you refused to be deterred

To provide for your family.


Many times, you went out your way

To pawn your would-be pay

At times, you walked miles and miles

Amidst stormy weather

On roads and paths barely passable

No thanks to all those landslides.


And why?

To secure money 

To send us to university.


Countless times you endured –

Physical, emotional,

And financial torment

Yet you never bore a grudge

To those who caused you pain

Instead, quietly without complain

You stood tall.


You never gave up

Always found a way

To make things work

The best they could be.


Decades have now gone 

You’re still the same

A quiet, caring, loving

And forgiving Mommy

I’ve always known

And you deserve to be HAPPY.


Since you gave birth to me

I became part of you

And you of me.


When you feel happy

I feel happy

When you feel loved

I feel loved.     


Equally, when you feel sad

I feel sad

When you feel hurt 

I feel hurt.


For this, I made a promise

To myself

To protect and defend you

Till my last breath.


So, I thank you my dearest mother

You are the reason I am here

No one else deserves credit 

For my life, but you and dad

I hope in my little ways,

I made you happy and proud.


A Mother Most Revered

A Mother’s Broken Promise

You came into my life

The greatest blessing of all.

That moment

I first felt your heartbeat

I promised not to let you go

No matter what.


Now the time has come

That promise is gone.

Although my heart aches

To see you go


I’m so proud of you.


You’ve set goals and achieved them

All by yourself

And amazed me in the process

You never asked for help

You tried your best on your own first

Only heed advice when it suited you most.


Go on fly, aim high

For the world is your oyster.

Follow your utmost dreams

For some are written in the stars.


So now, my dearest child

I break my promise

And let you go.


But remember always

The Home your first heartbeat was felt

Will always be with you

Wherever you go.


And will remain here

For you.  Forever.


A Mother’s Broken Promise

Oh My Follies

Oh follies in my head

Get out and let me be me!


My body aches 

And my soul groans

As you gently strike

Your feathery pike.


What makes of me 

With your constant entry

I tighten my guard

You push them aside.


My aching soul longs

For a helping hand

My eyes brim with tears

In front of me, offers stand.


I want to grasp them

With open arms

But hey! My head says

Look you’re not worth them.


I want to do this

You want to do otherwise

When I feel relieved

You feel disappointed.


I aim to be happy

You try to disrupt me

What makes my life

When all you do causes strife?


So my wish for you

Banish to a faraway land

Over the seas, into the ocean

Never come back, infinity you go!



Oh My Follies
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