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A Little Note for some Changes!!!

Hi, I’d like to let you know that from tomorrow, September 2020, there will be some changes in my Blogging. Due to many other commitments apart from my full-time job, I have to rejiggle my Blogging schedule.

I need to accommodate my other projects, including working on my next book, and in doing so, I have to make time for them. I have decided that instead of writing my Blog every Wednesday, I will do it every other Wednesday. But in between those weeks, I will be posting a video version of the Blog or some other suitable video.

So, I will still be posting something on my Blog website every Wednesday – a written Blog for one week, and a Video, the next.

I hope you will bear with me at this time. I will revert to my original schedule once I get my other projects sorted.

Thank you ever so much for subscribing and for following my Blogs.

Have a nice day!

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