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Between Retail Shopping and Gardening

Nothing exhilarating to talk about this week! Except...

There had been quite a jump in people’s movement outside their homes in Scotland from last week as Phase 3 of the route map for coming out of Lockdown started on 10 July 2020.

The motto remains: Stay safe, protect others, save lives.

Some of the main rules implemented by the Scottish Government in Phase 3 include:

· Wear a face covering

· Avoid crowded places

· Stay 2m away from other people

· Self-isolate and book a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms

Well, we went for our weekly groceries at the local supermarket on Saturday, and it was heart-warming to see that all the people inside Tesco Extra in Coatbridge, including the staff, were complying with the rule of wearing face coverings inside the shops.

A week before, I only noticed another couple apart from Tony and myself, that wore masks amongst dozens of people shopping. I suppose people now realise how important it is to do so and have decided to do their bit in trying to contain this dreaded disease.

I felt comfortable shopping this time, and while picking up my groceries, my mind was torn between further shopping or going back home to do some gardening. It was very tempting to go for a retail-shop-crawl for the first time in four months as most of my favourite shops were open like Next, TK Maxx, Matalan, etc. in Faraday Retail Park. Moreso, there were many people around that I felt nostalgic about how it used to be.

But guess what? I went back home and did a bit of tidying in the garden, which I neglected for the past several weeks, and a part was already becoming like a jungle. I was weeding for about three hours. Yes, it's sad, I know!

My body ached, but I felt good that somehow I accomplished something. And didn’t spend a penny more that day! Otherwise, I could have come back from retail shopping with stuff I don’t even need, not discounting the possibility I might’ve caught the virus regardless of precautionary measures in place.

Here are some of the flowers that help me keep smiling. Some fruits in the making as well, but I guess, no redberries and blueberries for us this time because Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon feasted on them already!

See Video of the two lovelies in their elements.

Enjoy your day! See you next Wednesday.

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