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Crossroads Over A Career Path!!!

Every start of a new year, most of us plan to do something new or promise ourselves a 'new year's resolution'! What is yours?

For me, I spent the last week reassessing my career path to the point that it has become a dilemma.

At fifty, I am at crossroads to which career direction I should pursue!

Being employed for more than half of my life working in a finance office environment, I could hardly say I am passionate about it. But it helped to pay the bills so far, and I met a lot of amazing people of various characters - friendly, engaging, eccentric, and even a handful of downright ignorant of other races ones. And I have learned a lot about life in general from all of them.

This year, I have this strong feeling to follow my real passion: writing stories! But there is a big BUT, of course. How could I afford to spend most of my time writing while the bills keep coming? I know writing does not pay much until you have established yourself.

So, I have come up with an idea to settle my dilemma!

Since I worked from home for my current full-time employment, I realised that I like it more than going out to an office every day. I have now decided to apply for my license to work from home as an accountant and start after my current employment contract ends in June. In this way, I can manage my time between accounting and writing and be my own boss - that is the plan!

It is so uncanny that after I came up with this idea, I read an article about ‘How to deal with coming to a career crossroads’. My dilemma made more sense to me!

Here is an extract of the article that exactly expressed how I feel:

Would you be happier doing something else?

The mid-career change is increasingly common. What you wanted to do forever at age 22 is not necessarily the same thing you want to do forever at age 50. If you think you need a drastic change, then it's also time to think about what would be involved in starting over (Going back to school? Certification?).

And here is a strategy that they suggest in this situation:

1. Do an audit of your professional life. Now is the time to ask some very important questions about what you're doing now and where you've been.

2. Be honest about what you want.

3. Don't be afraid to get an outside perspective.

4. Create an action plan.

If you feel the same as I do, I suggest you read this article I mentioned above. It may well help to clear your mind and give you some ideas.

I watched a TV programme recently of the Scottish presenter Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out in the Lake District, England, where she briefly interviewed a gentleman, who was very passionate about the lakes. The gentleman made a poignant comment of:


It struck me how apt this saying was with my current dilemma. There are always difficulties and struggles in life, and we gain so much joy and happiness when we overcome them.

Till here for now, until next Wednesday. Keep well, and stay safe!

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