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Day Trip to Loch Lomond Shores

It had been a very hectic week for both Tony and I. Finance work is always busy at the end and beginning of each month, and I had been working during night times to create this Blog website. Neither of us noticed until the night before that it was our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Friday, the 3rd of July. Well, must be an effect of being fifty? Haha, I hope not!

On Saturday, we decided to go for a drive to Loch Lomond as Lockdown had started to ease a bit in Scotland. It was the first time I had to drive for more than five miles away from home, except for a few occasional visits to family in almost four months! I was unsure of going out that far, but I’m glad we did.

We drove to Balloch and parked on a relatively quiet car park next to the Sweeny Ferries terminal. I expected more people in the area and was prepared to drive somewhere else if it was the case.

We did not plan any activity to do while there, and we just went along with our mood.

We started walking towards a well-made footpath towards Loch Lomond Shores, about half a mile distance. But a few people were doing the same, so we diverted and followed the small path by the woods that ran parallel to the southern end of Loch Lomond. It proved to be more exciting. Some parts of the track were wet and muddy, but that didn’t bother us as we came prepared with an all-weather kit. I even opted to go through a tiny off-track and followed the edges of the water. It was peaceful and tranquil.

And the majestic sight of two swans flying over the water past by us was a reward itself.

We strolled along until we reached the endpoint where The Maid of the Loch is currently moored. The place was empty as most Attractions are at this time.

We carried on until we got to the beach, where more people sat clearly abiding with the distancing rules for their outdoor enjoyment too. As we walked along the beach, I noticed that the water-sports activity games centre was open. There were a couple of boats in use by families with young kids. I stood and watched them for a few minutes and decided I wanted a go! Tony was not keen at first, but he warmed up to it.

We got on a pedal boat, two over fifty-year-oldies, acting like kids again! Nothing wrong with that, haha – life is for living and laughter after all! It was lovely, relaxing and fun.

At one point, there was only our pedal boat on the water as the rest finished their turn. However, it didn’t take long until a queue formed at the booking area, and a few minutes later, about five pedalboats joined us with adults on them. So there, it’s official pedalboats are not just for kids!

We finished off at the Shores by walking along the shopping grounds. The SeaLife Attraction centre and most of the businesses in the centre were closed. However, a few of the food takeaway and retail shops, including the designer shop Jenners were open. Most importantly, the public toilets were available for use with protocols in place.

We had our lovely takeaway meal at the shopping centre grounds, quite a difference from a usual celebratory meal in a posh restaurant, eh. But we loved it!

On our way back to the car park in Balloch, we used another route, which we found by chance as we walked along the main road. It's called the Drumkinnon Wood Paths, a beautiful and mystical place with many ancient and tall trees that you could mistake yourself being in a jungle somewhere in the Amazons!

It was one fantastic day that, for a few hours, I forgot the troubles of the world. I found myself immersed with the joys of the moment that Lockdown was no place in my thoughts.

And this brings me on to the topic of some Lockdown effects.

As the world battles one of the worst catastrophes that is - the COVID-19 virus, the human and economic cost indeed surpassed expectations. Each country had responded to the need of all its people to be SAFE. Some governments did well; others criticised for not doing the right thing at the right time. And most countries went on Lockdown.

At this time, each individual had to deal with their battles, too, brought by this dreadful virus.

Of course, we all have different ways of dealing with our challenges in life. And each move reflects our circumstances. People did various things to pass by the Lockdown days, especially those who were not working or had been furloughed by their employers. They had plenty of time to improve their homes, gardens, and even enhanced their learning. So, there is also a positive effect of Lockdown in some ways.

Like many others, the past few months, for me, was mixed feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. But keeping busy with working from home helped me deal with the inner turmoil that quite often gets into my head, alongside other activities such as walking and gardening. Lockdown had also prompted me to do some soul-searching, which led to the creation of this Blog site.

We all desire to get back to some normality with everyday living, and we hope that this won’t be too long.

Meantime, keep going with whatever you do during this Lockdown as it starts to ease down, but be mindful to STAY SAFE always, by following guidelines and protocols at all times.

Have a good day. See you again next week!

And here's the Video of our wee escapade!

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