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Discovering the Speirs Wharf Canal and Buildings!!!

Over the weekend, after we visited family and had our monthly shopping trip to Costco, we went for a little walk along the Speirs Wharf canal in Glasgow. It is a continuation of the Forth and Clyde Canal in Falkirk that I mentioned in last week’s blog, and part of the Glasgow to Edinburgh Canoe Trail.

The canoe trail is a popular recreation spot for watersports enthusiasts. True enough, as we crossed the bridge to the other end, there was a lovely and friendly lady who was paddleboarding, and about to go under the bridge we were on. I asked if I could take a photo and video of her, and she said, ‘oh yes, please!’

We watched and cheered on her as she managed to duck and pass-through under the low bridge. We chatted a little bit as she paddled on and made it look so easy. She even offered to teach me if I was interested!

The beautiful buildings that sit next to the canal were built in 1851 as offices of the Forth & Clyde Navigation Co. and the City of Glasgow Grain Mills & Stores. In 1989 however, said buildings were converted into 150 loft-style residential apartments with private leisure centre and 19 commercial units.

The setting is stunning that given the chance, I wouldn’t mind living in one of those lovely fancy apartments!

There were a few beautiful barges (long flat-bottomed boats) and houseboats that line the canal onto a cobbled street, making the place all the more attractive for visitors, and most especially for residents there, I would imagine.

The annual Glasgow Canal Festival is usually held in the Speirs Wharf canal in July, except this year 2020, which was cancelled due to the COVID 19 disease. A festival event I look forward to watching next year!

It was genuinely a relaxing little walk we had, with such beautiful and historic surroundings.

Till here for now. See you again next Wednesday.

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Thank you.

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