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FARM is FUN for a Catch-Up Time!!!

It’s been years since the last time I went ‘fruit picking,’ and it’s in my bucket list this year. A friend and her kids went recently, and I wish I went with them. I planned to go at the weekend, and since my hubby was not interested, I thought I’d ask my 23-year-old son, Ally. To my delight, he said, he would go!

For some of you whose child or children have left the nest, you would understand how hard it is sometimes to spend quality time with your grown-up kids as they have their own busy lives. And it’s always a joy when they get to spend time with you.

We went to East Yonderton Farm near Glasgow International Airport on Saturday. You have to book a slot if you want to go and pick your fruits and vegetables (and you can pay by contactless card there). They have two batches of Pickers - one in the morning and another in the afternoon, every day, and they open Mondays to Sundays. I chose the afternoon batch, maybe not a good idea if you want to pick the better product from the crops.

Depending on the season, you only get to pick what is available. Peas, raspberries, redcurrants, and strawberries were the ones available the day we went.

The place was bustling when we arrived, and a few stewards were guiding us through a grass car park. Social distancing was required, and we had to queue to get in for our little buckets.

Most of the visitors were families with young kids, and it was lovely to see the children all getting thrilled.

Well, it was the opposite for us as I was more excited than my son, haha! And by the way, he kept telling me off for eating (tasting I insist) some of the fruits while picking!

If you plan to do anything like this, it’s a good idea to bring something to sit on. I brought a pair of our little stools, which was handy while gathering the peas, the only vegetable available to pick that day. The plants were on the ground, so you had to bend for a while to get a good pick.

It was a relaxing time to chat away, and we never noticed the time was up until the steward on his quad bike called us all up just before 5 pm.

Although there was not much to gather, we still went home with more than enough strawberries, redcurrants, and peas in our buckets.

The best thing to happen that day was spending quality time with my son. We had fun picking out stuff, and also had an excellent catch up as I very seldom saw him during this Lockdown period.

I must say this is a very safe and relaxing place to be, and a perfect alternative to going to a restaurant for a meal and a catch-up, plus the fact that it is inexpensive too!

Here's a Video of our wee day-out.

Till here for now. See you again next Wednesday.

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Thank you.

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