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Video: The Swan Family - 3 months on!!!

As noted in my previous blog, I've been following the progress of the Swan Family who made their home by the Sikeside and Calderbank Canal in Coatbridge, Scotland.

There were eight cygnets initially but sadly one of them perished in June and another got injured in July and was taken somewhere to be treated. If it was treated successfully, they couldn't take it back to the swan family as it was absent for a long while. Apparently for a Swan family, it was not advisable to take it back because the swan family would reject it since it's been away for a long time and their bond has already been broken..

The good news is that, all the six remaining cygnets are getting bigger each time I go and see there. They are so majestic as ever.

Here's a Video I made/took of the Swan Family in the last three months. I intend to follow up on them as the cygnets journey towards their adulthood.

Till here. See you again next Wednesday, and Stay Safe!!!

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